• USD - 464.4₸
  • EUR - 463.7₸
  • RUB - 7.59₸
  • BRENT - 95.12$
  • WTI - 88.36$
  • Natural Gas (Henry Hub) - 4.57$


New Technology Focuses on Efficiency, Reliability, Lower Costs


Fluid and Cuttings Separator to Reduce the Mud on Cuttings and Enhance Fluid Recovery

The SCREEN PULSE fluid and cuttings separator is a retrofitted, fully pneumatic operated system that creates a pulsating suction below the last screen at the discharge end of the shaker,...

Double Layer HC Shakers Screens

High-Capacity Two-Tier Composite Shaker Screens

Increase in circulating capacity for better hole cleaning while screening finer for the best reduction in low-gravity solids Featuring a patented, composite frame design that holds up under virtu...


Integrated Chemical Management System

Real-time information to optimize performance ChemWatcher integrated chemical management system provides a data management platform that intuitively presents complex information to support day-to...