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Production Technologies

Maximize Production from Reservoir to Refinery

Production Technologies

Production Technologies

Full Service


Kaz M-I Swaco provides integrated production technology services that deliver tangible benefits and assurance to customers’ worldwide oil and gas operations. Firmly established at the forefront of technology, Kaz M-I Swaco integrates pioneering chemical and process solutions, equipment, and software with unrivaled technical expertise. Our global footprint and exceptional service delivery ensures that customers reliably, safely, and efficiently maximize production—regardless of system complexities or geography






  • Chemistry to mitigate production threats




  • Chemistry to achieve full field potential




  • Chemistry to restore full production
  • Customized purification solutions for hydrogen sulfide and mercury removal
  • DeScal* descaling, decontamination, and decommissioning service, an all-inclusive software, chemical, and mechanical service


In addition, Kaz M-I Swaco ChemWatcher* integrated chemical management software in the Avocet* production operations software platform delivers real-time information to prevent production issues and to optimize performance.