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M-I Swaco Units that Enhance Environmental Performance



M-I SWACO manufacturers high-speed, high-volume, small-footprint, variable-speed, and fully variable-speed centrifuges designed specifically to process drilling fluids to the highest environmental standards globally. Our decanting centrifuges deliver high fluid recovery rates and efficient solids control that translate into significant cost reductions for fluids and waste disposal.

Our centrifuges recover as much as 95% of the barite in weighted drilling fluids, returning the barite to the active mud system, while the decanting centrifuge discards the finer, lower-gravity solids. In chemically enhanced dewatering systems, M-I SWACO centrifuges reduce liquid discharge volumes significantly, while enhancing total solids control system efficiency.

Our line of centrifuges was designed for both oilfield and industrial applications and are especially effective in meeting the fluid-on-cuttings discharge requirements in environmentally sensitive areas.


CD-250 Centrifuge Electric-Drive High-Volume

The new CD-250 Electric-Drive  High-Volume (EDHV) centrifuge delivers  maximum fluid/solid processing capacity  with minimal footprint. With the industry’s  smallest processing power footprint,  the CD-250 EDHV decanting centrifuge  was engineered around the concepts  of smaller size, lower weight, shorter  installation and removal times, and a  user-friendly control system.  Despite its comparatively smaller size,  the CD-250 EDHV centrifuge processes  and recovers high volumes of valuable  fluid while reducing the total volume of  waste.  Its relative ease of installation  and removal save valuable time.  By recovering more fluid and producing  drier cuttings with a smaller volume,  the CD-250 EDHV centrifuge helps  operators reduce their waste and  disposal volumes and minimize their  environmental footprint.


CD 500 HV Centrifuge

The CD 500 High Volume  (HV) centrifuge is a high-powered centrifuge designed  for exceptional low gravity  solids (LGS) separation  and barite recovery in  operations where large feed  rates are a requirement. The CD 500 HV centrifuge has been designed  to process large volumes of fluids, improve  barite recovery and produce solids that  meet environmental regulations for disposal.  Automatic PLC monitoring and adjustment  compensates for varied drilling conditions  and maintains maximum solids/fluids  separation throughout the drilling operation. The CD 500 HV centrifuge recovers  valuable drilling fluid and barite while  reducing the total volume of drilling  waste that must be transported for  injection, disposal or remediation. By recovering more fluid and producing  drier cuttings with a smaller volume, the CD  500 HV centrifuge helps operators reduce  their drilling waste and disposal volumes.


CD-600 Centrifuge

The CD-600 Centrifuge* from M-I SWACO is specially engineered for high-volume  drilling. Controlled and monitored via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), the  centrifuge experiences less solids packoff, produces cleaner effluents, requires  fewer operating personnel and features automatic adjustment for different  operating conditions.  A touch screen on the operator’s console provides the interface for monitoring the  RPM of the conveyor and bowl and for adjusting motor speed. The manual control  panel for the centrifuge has the option for operating the centrifuge manually or  automatically. The main drive speed can be adjusted on the touch screen panel  when operating the CD-600 Centrifuge manually.

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