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Total Gas Contaminated System

Total Gas Contaminated System (TOGA)


Almost all the gases encountered in drilling operations are extremely dangerous.


This is due to the flammability and explosiveness of hydrocarbon vapors when mixed with air. These vapors may also contain highly corrosive hydrogen sulfide gas which is fatal to humans and can cause complete failure in some steels. Developed by M-I SWACO, the TOTAL GAS CONTAINMENT† (TOGA†) system combines two field-proven products — the M-I SWACO D-GASSER† and the M-I SWACO MUD/GAS SEPARATOR† — working together to totally separate and vent or flare all gases.


How it Works

  • Safely vents all gases. The TOGA system is a totally enclosed gas-separation system that safely removes and/or flares all gases in the drilling fluid circulated from the wellbore.
  • Efficient. Effectively contains and separates gases encountered while drilling.
  • Meets or exceeds safety regulations. The TOGA system meets USGS and Texas Railroad Commission regulations as well as API guidelines and NACE standards for drilling in H2S environments.
  • Multiple applications. The TOGA system is suitable for both onshore and offshore applications. The system is available in a variety of efficient configurations, including land, space-saving offshore and highly mobile trailer-mounted versions.

Used primarily to control high-volume free gas, the TOGA system is also a valuable tool during a well kick to help control the near-surface expansion of gas. It is also ideal for control of continuous UBD.



  • Totally enclosed system safely removes and/or flares all gases
  • Ideal for control of continuous underbalanced drilling (UBD)
  • Available in a variety of configurations to accommodate virtually all applications
  • Meets or exceeds all safety regulations for drilling in H2S environments
  • Two vacuum pumps for increased discharge capacity and redundancy for routine maintenance and repair



  • Removes virtually all entrained gases, including H2S and corrosive oxygen, from drilling fluids
  • Restores mud to its original density allowing for reuse in the active mud system 
  • Reduces the threat of dangerous and  costly blowouts
  • Prevents gas from escaping into the active mud system


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