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Mud-Gas Separators

Pressure Control, Frac Flowback and Well Testing: Mud/Gas Separators

Mud-Gas Separators

Mud-Gas Separators

The field-proven M-I SWACO MUD/GAS  SEPARATOR unit is an extremely reliable, vital  piece of safety equipment for today’s drilling  operations.


It is ideal for use where drilling is likely to encounter large volumes of gas, sour gas or when an operator is drilling with an underbalanced mud column. The MUD/GAS SEPARATOR is primarily used to separate and safely vent large pockets of free gas, that may include toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, from the drilling-fluid system. 


  • Separates free gas. Separates and vents large pockets of free-gas accumulations, including toxic gases such as H2S, from the active mud system.
  • Reduces hazardous gas threat. The separated gas is carried by vent lines to a remote location and flared. Fail-safe gas delivery is controlled by a back-pressure manifold valve in the flare line.
  • Skid-mounted and trailer transportable. Simplifies transport, spotting and installation. Unit can lay down during over-the-road transport.
  • Versatile configuration. The MUD/GAS SEPARATOR unit is available in either a land or compact offshore configuration. The land version is designed so it can be raised or lowered for flow-line adjustments to minimize piping.
  • ASME and NACE specifications. The only separator designed in accordance with ASME and NACE specifications.
  • Rugged construction. The unit is ruggedly built and coated with corrosion-resistant epoxy to ensure long life while processing hazardous and toxic gases.


How It Works The M-I SWACO MUD/GAS SEPARATOR system consists of a cylindrical pressure vessel in a fixed vertical position. Inside is a series of specially angled baffle plates, stepped from the top to the bottom. When contaminated mud is routed into the separator, it flows downward successively over each plate. During this process, the heads of entrained gases “break out.” The released gas is then carried by the vent lines to a remote location where it can be safely flared.

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