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HI-RIDE Hopper

The HIRIDE Hopper Integrates a Proprietary Minimum Pressure

HI-RIDE Hopper

HI-RIDE Hopper

The HIRIDE hopper integrates a proprietary Minimum Pressure Drop (MPD) 175 nozzle and unique TriMix Diffuser (TMD) into an easily installed, rugged, stainless steel frame which has been designed to an optimal height for improved ergonomics. The unit is available in three configurations: FE, SE and EA.

Rapid, complete mixing of dry or liquid additives into the fluid system

  • Lowest comparable pressure loss
  • Creates high shear rates in a circulating loop
  • Compact design with small footprint
  • Dust-free, dry-product mixing
  • Minimizes “fish eyes” in hard-to-mix products
  • Requires less energy
  • Flexible design eliminates extra equipment
  • Ideal for rigs where space is at a premium


Mixing table and eductor effectively entrains solids in a fluid stream.


  • Minimal
  • Pipe supports and cleanout access
  • Pipe configuration – min. flow disruption

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