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Mixing Tank

We Can Mix Everything

Mixing Tank

Mixing Tank

MI SWACO is a leader in drilling fluids, completion fluids and drilling waste management for both onshore and offshore oil wells. For preparation and proper storage of drilling fluids specialized tanks are required.


Kaz M-I mixing tanks are designed for receiving, preparation, conditioning and supplying of drilling fluids in stationary conditions individually, as part of mixing tanks farm at rig sites or within Liquids Mud Plants.

Filling, discharge and overflow lines with flange connections are included into standard design of mixing tank.  Each tank is equipped with circulating line with Jet nozzles in the bottom part of the tank (to maintain mud suspended) to prevent solids settling down. Each tank is also equipped with a level gauge and agitators selected according to required TOR. External and internal surfaces of tank have corrosion resistant coating.

The lower part of the tank is equipped with a maintenance manway for visual inspections and cleaning.  

All tanks are manufactured within allowed transportation dimensions.

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