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Reservoir Drill-In Fluids

Minimally Damaging Fluids for Reservoir Drilling

Reservoir Drill-In Fluids

Reservoir Drill-In Fluids

Minimize damage to the formation while drilling


M-I SWACO has refined the industry’s most advanced line of minimally damaging and completion-compatible reservoir drill-in fluids (RDFs) and associated additives. Our RDF leadership is cemented with the award-winning PRO Series, which has expanded to comprise some the industry’s most innovative technologies. Advancements include the only RDF that drills with the efficiency of an oil-based drilling fluid but has the completion simplicity of water-based fluids. Another breakthrough technology uses divalent brines as its base fluid and builds viscosity without the use of biopolymers. 


We engineer minimally damaging RDF systems specifically to drill and complete the reservoir section in open hole. Our water-based and invert-emulsion RDF formulations are tailored to specific completion techniques, emphasizing completion compatibility and minimal formation damage. 


Complementing our RDF systems are equally safe and effective additives that help get the most out of your well.


Kaz MI RDF portfolio contains wide range of fluids for safe and effective drilling of sensitive production zones, minimizing formation damage by proper sealing of the borehole, utilization of acid soluble solids and effective breakers:

Flo-Pro NT, Flo-Pro SF 

Biopolymer fluid that provides superior wellbore cleaning due to high LSRV, especially in long horizontal sections, hole stability, low circulation pressures and low filtration rates. The system contains acid soluble solids, that can be easily removed while flowback or acid/breakers treatment. Polymers used in the system are highly clarified XCD Flo-Vis Plus and starch Flo-Trol are fully biodegradable. Inhibition of the system is based on monovalent salts and additional inhibitors – glycols, amines etc. The system is one of the main fluids used as water-based RDF. 


The mud system with density up to 2.3 SG that contains only acid soluble solids.   It is mixed using mono and divalent brines, thus reducing solids content, rheology of the fluid, pressure while drilling, high inhibition of the system due to high divalent salts content. The system is used while drilling pressurized but sensitive formations. 


The mud system application is not only in high density environment, but in high temperature as well. Mixed using divalent bromides and chlorides, it successfully withstands temperatures up to 190-200 C with mud density of 2.1 SG. The system features are simplicity of composition, low solids content, are making it a unique technology for extreme conditions drilling. The system can be weighted up with acid soluble agents as well as blend of barite and sized calcium carbonate to achieve lowest formation damage possible. 

Versapro, Parapro 

Are traditional oil-based invert emulsion RDFs that contain only acid soluble solids. The composition of the fluids provides great inhibition of any formations drilled, easy removal of the filtration cake and effective flowback of the well at production stage. 


Unique invert emulsion system, which can convert from oil wet to Water wet condition as per operations needs. While drilling the system behaves like regular OBM and get converted into the oil wet while displacement and OBM residue removal on clean-up stage. It is useful for ERD wells, multilateral wells and conventional drilling in highly ecology sensitive areas.