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High-Rate Mixer

Efficient Mixing of Powder and Liquid

High-Rate Mixer

The high-rate mixer is one of the most established, simple, and reliable tools used in land and offshore drilling fluid systems. 


Our high-rate mixer is designed to deliver fast, efficient mixing of powder and liquid in mud  pits. A static mixer in the upper part of the drop pipe provides improved circulation and mixing results during the high-rate mixing process. A perforated outlet in the lower part of the drop pipe acts as an air diffuser,  diluting incoming air from the pneumatic feeding system to prevent any large dust bubbles from reaching the mud pit surface. The drop pipe is sectioned and has a removable nozzle, which is used to manually adjust flow rate. The mixer features a small footprint that can be easily modified for installation in a mud pit of any size. Maintenance requirements are reduced through utilization of high-quality components and reduction of moving parts.

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