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Screw Conveyor

Modular System

Screw Conveyor

Screw Conveyor

The M-I SWACO SCREW CONVEYOR is a system to handle drilling cuttings and associated fluids.

The SCREW CONVEYOR has the following main components:

  • Drive group with gearbox unit
  • Auger
  • Product outlet
  • Protective guards


Drive group

The motor group is composed of a motor, whose power depends on the length of the screw conveyor, and a gearbox. The drive group can be equipped with a speed adjuster, to allow the variation of the screw conveyor’s rotating speed and consequently modify the screw conveyor’s capacity.


The screw-shaped conveyor is obtained by welding extra-heavy-duty helicoid continuous flights on a centre pipe. The auger diameter can be 250 mm, 300 mm, or 350 mm, the length varies depending on the final application and installation. 



The frame of the Unit is composed of:

  • a motor group trough
  • a central part, that can be composed of more modules of different lengths to obtain the desired total length 
  • a final part, complete with final support and discharge nozzle


The upper side of the frame is covered by plates, equipped with safety system, to prevent their accidental removal when the screw is in motion. A cover protects the coupling to prevent any contact with rotating parts.

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